Online News Rooms Made Easy

Add a dynamic news room to your website. Present and manage your press content in one place, and publish to social media channels.

Easy Content ManagementFlexible Pricing
No Software InstallationNo IT Maintenance

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Centralize Your News Content

Showcase all relevant news, images, videos, press releases, press mentions, and other PR content in one place. Present a coherent brand message to customers, business partners, journalists, and bloggers.

Control Your Media and PR Elements

Our intuitive interface allows business staff to directly create and manage all news content. This eliminates costs from web designers and encourages in-house content creation.

Spread Your Stories

Create Social Media Releases with embedded images, videos, and hyperlinks. Share your news and press releases virally via social media channels, and improve rankings in search engines.

Engage Your Audience

Do more than list your recent news stories. Make an impact with a custom branded and visually compelling news room showcasing videos, images, and links that draw visitors inside.

Economical, Hassle Free PR Strategy

Month-to-month service plan features maximum flexibility and affordability. Our standard plan includes all back-end IT maintenance so that you can focus on running your campaigns.